“We Return Our Clients' Phone Calls.”That is the cornerstone of our practice philosophy. To repeat, We return our clients' phone calls. It sounds like a simple thing, but it is so vitally important. We communicate with our clients about developments in their matters ; we involve our clients in the decision-making process; and we respect our clients' wishes as to how their matters should be handled.

We can do this because we have a focused legal practice largely - though not exclusively - based in the commercial arena. We do not accept every client that seeks our services; in fact, we are selective to the point that we consistently turned away numerous fee-based matters because they simply are not the right fit for our firm.

We limit our clients in this way so that, once we do enter into a retainer agreement, we can provide that client's matter the time and attention that it truly needs.

Our fees for work undertaken are based on our regular hourly rates, depending upon the experience of the attorney/attorneys who would undertake the assignment. For the current hourly rates charged by the Firm, please contact